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Rafflesia Countryside Tour

Experience the stunning beauty of the worlds biggest flower and learn more about local agriculture.

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We will leave Bukittinggi on motorbike, pass through stunning nature and stop at following points:

  1. Batang Palupuh

The famous village where this special flower can grow (it is only found in Sumatra and Borneo). Depending on the location of the flower, we will either walk deep into the jungle (about one hour) or we will take a more leisurely walk around the marvellous hilly scenery. We may also have the chance to try Luwak coffee.


  1. Stingkai Village

A village near the valley with a wonderful panoramic view, a clear and refreshing river and some local plantations that produce items such as coffee, cinnamon, and cacao.


  1. Matur

This is a village with a sugar cane farm where we will learn how brown sugar is made and also discover how peanuts grow and the way the people in this village roast them.


  1. Lawang Top

A majestic viewpoint (around 1,300 meters above sea level) that overlooks the beautiful Lake Maninjau.


  1. Lambah Canyon

A scenic area near Taruco Village, which is surrounded by rice paddies.


Intensity: Average / High

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