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Live like a local for 3 days

Spend your days within this unique culture and have a deep insight to the life of Minang Kabau people. 

Minang Kabau, the predominant culture in West Sumatra, is one of the most unique ethnic communities in the world. As a matrilineal society wealth, titles, and family name is all passed down through the female line. Men are given the responsibility to look after the family heirlooms, but women are the ones who hold the true power.

The “Live like a local” 3 day tour is a great opportunity for you to learn more about our fascinating culture. By spending your days and nights within villages, you’ll get to know the magic of the Minang Kabau people. This tour is an experience not to be missed while in Sumatra!

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Day 1
We will visit the village Solok Bio-Bio, where you will be warmly welcomed by locals. Upon arrival, we can leave luggage in the family's house where we later will spend the night. We will take a walk through the village, see some of the plantations, and listen to the stories the locals have to tell. In the afternoon we'll go back to our host family's house where we will prepare dinner together with them. After dinner you're free to explore the neighborhood, or have a cultural exchange with the host family.
Day 2
After breakfast we will join local people in their daily activities. Expect anything from planting rice to hunting pig to fishing in the river. Later we'll cook dinner together so you can deepen what you've learned the day before. Normally 3 times a week it's tradition in this village for young boys and girls to learn self defence and we might get a chance to see them or if there is a wedding being held we also have the possibility to attend this traditional Minang Kabau ceremony.
Day 3
Before we leave for some trekking we'll have breakfast with our host family. During our trek to the jungle we will explore a valley out of magnificent granit stones, visit some hidden natural caves and cool down in the refreshing stream of the nearby waterfall. In the afternoon we will go back to Bukittinggi by minivan.

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