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Explore local culture in Sumatra

Experience Minangkabau culture firsthand and enjoy the stunning nature and hidden beaches of West Sumatra.

Experience Minangkabau culture first hand  and enjoy the stunning nature and hidden beaches of West Sumatra.

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West Sumatra is one of the provinces on Sumatra island. West Sumatra is famous for it’s traditional Minangkabau culture. One of the interesting aspects of Minangbabau culture is unique matrilineal system in which it is the women who owns the property from their family – instead of the men. West Sumatra has a large number of beautiful small villages with beautiful views and a cool climate free from air pollution. Trees grow lush and dense, and the hills surrounding the vast expanse of rice fields stretch like a tapestry

Its inhabitants are known as the Minangkabau tribe. The Minangkabau are devout Muslims who combine Islamic religion with their local traditions and believes in a beautiful and harmonious way.

We choose this region for the program “living with local” to the people who want to know how to live in the small village, because the people in this village are still living with the cultural village, the villagers are still running customary consistently so this program will interesting to the people who want to live with nature and the people still do their ancestor culture.

People in this region still live in small traditional villages, following the traditions and customs of their ancestors. Learn about the Minangkabau people, their culture and the environment these people live in.

This is the overall program (which can be customized to tailor your wishes).


Day 1
Pick up at Padang airport. We will start the tour by visiting the beautiful water falls of Anai valley. Afterwards we visit the Minangkabau museum at Padang Panjang and have lunch. After lunch we drive to Bukittinggi, a small city that is famous for the fact that one of the founders of modern day Indonesia was born here. After checking in in the hotel we will visit a traditional market, the Jam Gadang tower (a landmark in Bukittinggi) and we will see the sunset at Panaroma Park, a stunning panoramic viewpoint looking down on the nearby valley.
Day 2
We continue our trip to go to Maninjau village. On the way we will stop at Taruco, a nice place where you can see a special hill with a beautifull views. After that we head to Maninjau village. Here we will introduce you to a local family we will stay with. In the afternoon we will join a local villager to find a wood in the jungle for cooking. Participants will be given the opportunity to learn how to cook local foods such as Rendang and Gulai. In the evening you will have the opportunity to talk with the locals and learn about their way of life.
Day 3
Today we invite you to help a local farmer with his daily chores. You will learn how to do plowing with the use a buffalo. After having plowed the field, you will learn how to plant rice. We have lunch together with local people in the village. In the afternoon we walk around to the lake and you can take a swim . In the evening we will spent time with local people to learn about their culture.
Day 4
After breakfast we will say goodbye to the family we stayed with. We head to another village: Harau Dalam. After lunch we learn how to catch the worm and make a bait for catch the ill. Participants will show you how the proces and put the catcher in the muddy. We stay with a local family for the night.
Day 5
Today we will learn how to make henna from a local villager. We will visit the Gambier plantation. We will do a trek to the village. We go fishing to catch some fish for dinner. This is the last night we will stay in this village. In the evening participants will be given the opportunity to learn how to plat a traditional fluit
Day 6
After breakfast we goodbye to family we stayed with. We will head to Padang via Bukittinggi. We will drive about 3 hours and after that we take speed boat for 1 hours to get to a hidden beach wher we will stay in a nice bungalow. Time to relax!
Day 7
Today we go snorkelling and island hopping. We will visit Marak island and Pagang Island. If you are lucky you can spot turtles while snorkeling Late in the afternoon we will return back to our bungalow, where we will have dinner.
Day 8
Today you are free to go your own way. Enjoy the beach, go swimming or just take some time to relax.
Day 9
In the afternoon we will take a speed boat back back to the mainland. Form there we drive to Padang, where we will have a seafood dinner. Afterwards we return to the hotel.
Day 10
After breakfast we will take you back to the airport. This is the end of the tour.


  • Transport
  • Professional local guide
  • Accomodation at the village with local house
  • Tent
  • Activities
  • Snorkeling
  • Boat
  • Meals and drinks

Not Included

  • Laundry
  • Telephone
  • Tips


Number of persons Price per person
2 €800
3 or more €700


Intensity: Average / High

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