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4 Day Adventure: Minangkabau Motorbike Tour

Feel of energy of West Sumatra from a motorbike. This unique program reaches corners of the region that are still untouched by tourism

Day 1

Drive to Sitingkai village to see the beautiful scenery of Sumatra from the top, experiencing local activity. Continue onto Matua village to see the raffle sia flower to sample the famous roasted peanut and traditional way of processing cane sugar.

We continue onwards to Puncak Lawang for a beautiful panoramic view. Then delight in the windy drive, counting 44 curves to a picturesque spot for the perfect photo. After that we drive to village Sawah Panjang heading to Taruco village and camping. We we arrive there’s lots of time to rest and relax in the countryside.

Day 2

In the morning we searching for sunrise at Taruco village, after breakfast we continue onto see Kotagadang, a small village with a great view of Singalang mountain. We drive through the village Pandai Sikek to see young people continuing the tradition of making furniture woven by hand. We keep driving to Singgalang, a village with fresh mountain air and then onto Gunung Rajo village, known for its beautiful rice fields. Overnight we camp in Sumpur village.

Day 3

We begin the day with a drive to Malalo and beautiful lake view, then to Sulik Aia village with a big traditional Minangkabau house. Then onto Aur Sarumpun village known for its vibrant local life. We drive to Harau valley where we’ll camp for the night.

Day 4

In the morning we explore the village, waterfalls and swimming in the river, afternoon return to Bukittinggi to end the tour.





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