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Sianok Canyon Walk

Join us for a guided walking tour in and around the Sianok Canyon, one of Bukittinggi's most beautiful places.

Take a beautiful walk in the Sianok Canyon, one of Bukittinggi’s most beautiful places.

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Sianok Canyon is one of the best things about Bukittinggi and a focal point of the town.

Looking at the canyon from the lookout points makes you want to walk down in the canyon and explore the oldest natural feature.Apart from watching buffalos swim, you can also walk all the way to Kota Gadang, which is the small village where they make silver, including jewelery, its worth checking out!

• We will take you through the country side in which you can enjoy the spectacular views of the 120m deep canyon valley.

• On your journey you will see many different types of wildlife including: wild buffalos, monkey’s, giant beetles, huge bats, centipedes and many exotic wild flowers.

• You will get the chance to visit 3 local villages showing you traditional handicraft, and original Minangkabau style houses as well as meeting the local people and getting to know their culture.

All you need are good walking shoes and a smile!

Tour departs 9am everyday

Minimum 2 people

Please come and join us!!!


Number of persons Price per person
1 €40


Intensity: Average / High

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