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Day Trip: Village Cycling and Cooking Class

Eat breakfast in the hotel and drive to Baso village, a small village outside Bukittinggi that is off the tourist trail. From here start the leisurely trip by bicycle, stopping at local sights, passing through quaint villages and picture perfect rice fields. We stop at a local coffee shop to rest and meet the locals who are always happy to see newcomers.

After that we continue our trip to Bukittinggi and to the lower market where locals buy food. We’ll meet a local woman who will be our instructor and take you through the market to shop for ingredients and give tips for meeting vendors.

We’ll head back to her home for the class, which features Indonesia’s best cuisine, the Minang dish rendang. It is one of Indonesia’s five national dishes and loved throughout the country.

Afterwards enjoy the fruits of your labour with the local taste of Sumatra and then head back to the hotel.

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